Adam Sōmu Wojciński -  Founding Member

Adam Sōmu Wojciński - Founding Member

Adam Sōmu Wojciński 

Adam explores classical Japanese aesthetics, disciplines and philosophy in a contemporary context. He aims to democratise the elitism and rigidity that restricts access to elegant pursuits, so that their beauty is available and accessible to all. The artist's works are rooted in tea ritual 茶の湯, butoh 舞踏, poetry 詩 and shibari 縛り.

Adam has revolutionised the archetype of the tea master for the 21st century. His tea gatherings are a dynamic play in artistic practices studied, borrowed and re-interpreted from disparate cultures around the world. In 2014 he co-founded the World Tea Gathering, a movement that explores ceremonial tea as a universal culture celebrating togetherness, unique encounters and creativity. 

Adam has been studying tea ritual for 18 years and is a direct disciple of the 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda Sōko Samurai Tradition of Tea in Hiroshima, Japan ( Adam was given the tea name of Sōmu 宗夢 by Ueda Sōkei and is his official English translator.

Adam moves freely between the polarities of strict tradition and new expression. Through the artist's communion between the old and new he seeks to elevate and disseminate timeless truth, wisdom, beauty, unity, sensuality and peace.