Brother Anthony of Taizé -  Founding Member

Brother Anthony of Taizé - Founding Member

Brother Anthony of Taizé

Brother Anthony of Taizé was born in Truro, United Kingdom, in 1942. He joined the Community of Taizé in 1969 and has lived in Seoul, Korea, with other brothers since 1980. He is now a Korean citizen with the Korean name An Sonjae. He taught English literature for over 20 years at Sogang University where he is now an emeritus professor.

In 1993, he began to learn the Korean Way of Tea, on meeting Chae Won-Hwa, the founder of the Panyaro Insitute for the Way of Tea, which is based on the teachings of the Ven. Hyodang. He and Hong Kyeong-Hee published an illustrated introductory volume in English, "The Korean Way of Tea," in 2006 and a translation of 3 fundamental classical Korean texts about tea, "Korean Tea Classics" in 2010, (both published by Seoul Selection).

Brother Anthony frequently accompanies visitors who are interested in Korean tea to the Hyoam Tea Garden in Mount Jiri, where Hong Kyeong-Hee (Master Hyoam) grows and processes his green and yellow teas.

Brother Anthony is also a prolific translator of modern Korean literature, mostly of poetry, and has published more than 40 volumes in the US, the UK and in Korea.