Owen Terry -  Director & Tea Master

Owen Terry - Director & Tea Master

Owen Terry

Owen is a passionate tea drinker and educator. He developed his passion for tea from a young age; being brought up in the south of England it was of course the drink of choice. Having grown into an intrepid traveller, with a keen interest in new experiences and learning about cultures around the world, it wasn’t a big leap for these two interests to merge into his position today as a dedicated tea explorer.

Owen studied under Stephen Carroll and Australian Tea Masters for his Tea Master certification, after which Owen and Stephen cultivated their relationship through extended work with the Tea Total retail tea business, and in the establishment of the Tea Guild of Australia and subsequently Tea Guild International and its mission to educate and build understanding of tea culture around the world. 

Much of Owen's time is now spent researching and developing new avenues for tea education and industry growth, as well as continuing his own studies into the history and ceremony of tea. He is a consultant for the tea industry working with producers and distributors around the world and a global ambassador for Chinese tea, working with Huajuchen Industry Co. Ltd. and Global Tea Fair. He is also passionate about the science of tea and is currently developing a certificate course, 'An Introduction to the Science of Tea'. 

Owen's dream to to incorporate modern styles into traditional tea ceremonies and to help spread the history and culture of tea to reach a wider audience. 

As well as his unending hunt for new places to visit, he is also always on the lookout for new teas and tea cultures to experience, and likes nothing more than to pass those experiences and flavours onto members of the public through his work with Tea Guild International and Tea Total.