Steve Carroll -  Founder & Director - Tea Guild Australia

Steve Carroll - Founder & Director - Tea Guild Australia

Steve Carroll

Stephen Carroll is a Tea Master and member of The International Society of Tea Science, with many years of love, learning and knowledge of Asian tea culture and tea production.

Stephen studies the Chinese “gongfu cha" the Korean “Darye” and the Japanese “Chado” tea cultures and ceremonies in their countries and brings this to a Western understanding of these important and unique heritages "So distinct, yet so universal". He travels extensively through the year to learn and to source teas that become the Tea Total range.

“Each year and each season brings a special quality to the tea and I must have a personal relationship with the tea grower and producer to ensure the best grade of tea for Tea Total.” he says.

“Teas from our regular growers and producers will be tasted besides new tea farmers for the Tea Total supply. This makes sure that Tea Total has the best available. Often only small batches are available of these rare teas from small, family run tea gardens.”

Stephen also leads tea tours to China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. These small group fully escorted tours are a “hands on” experiential program for those who want a deep understanding of teas and tea culture of these regions.

Stephen is a professional teacher of many years standing and teaches in various tea related institutions. He is also a Professional Member of The International Society of Tea Science.

Stephen Carroll is an accomplished sumi-e and Chinese brush artist and was the first Australian Director of the International Chinese Calligraphy and Painters Society. Stephen exhibits both locally and internationally and also teaches this art.

His work now focuses on pieces that enhance the experience of tea and the tea environment which brings a unique element to this ancient art.